B.Pharma vs D.Pharma: Which UG Pharmacie training to choose? Eligibility, scope and career options explained


B.Pharma vs D.Pharma: Which UG Pharmacie training to choose? Eligibility, Scope and Career Options Explained | Photo credit: iStock images


  • B.Pharma vs D.Pharma, which course to choose, their eligibility, career options, scope are mentioned in detail.
  • Both courses can be taken by candidates after their Class 12 exam.
  • While B.Pharma is a four-year UG course, D.Pharma, is a two-year diploma course.

Pharmacy is one of the most important medical sciences which help in the preparation and dispensing of medicines. Being a vast field, it offers various career opportunities for students. Bachelor of Pharmacy or B. Pharma, Diploma in Pharmacy, D. Pharma are the two branches of pharmacy. However, there are differences between B.Pharma and D.Pharma. We will provide an in-depth explanation of B.Pharma versus D.Pharma, its eligibility, scope, career options, and finally the most common question that might arise in the student’s mind: which UG pharmacy course Choose ?

The basic similarity between B.Pharma and D.Phamra is that both courses can be taken by applicants after completing their Class 12 or any equivalent exam from any recognized board. Thus, both courses offer undergraduate degrees in pharmacy. With the reporting of results from most boards, online applications open up for applicants to enroll in the respective courses, such as the Calcutta Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology and Allied Health Sciences. Applicants can apply on urschard.in.

B. Pharma vs D. Pharma: Details

No difference between B.Pharma and D.Pharma B. Pharma D. Pharma

Students who have completed their 12th standard or any equivalent degree with 50% science grades can apply for the course. Students must have studied physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics in their class 12.

Applicants who have completed their D.Pharma can also apply for the course.

Students who have passed their 12th standard on any board or other equivalent exam, and have studied physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics may register for the course.
Duration One of the most fundamental differences is that B.Pharma is a four-year UG course. On the other hand, D.Pharma is a degree course that is offered for two years.
Examinations accepted for admission For B.Pharma, candidates can take multiple exams such as TS EAMCET, BITSAT, WBJEE, AP EAMCET For D.Prama, applicants can take exams such as the AP EAMCET and several other state-level boards.

As mentioned earlier, one of the main differences between B.Pharma and D.Pharma is the fact that B.Phamra offers a degree while D.Phamra offers a degree. Thus, applicants who wish to pursue higher education and apply for a post of lecturer will not be accepted with a diploma. Applicants wishing to do a master’s or doctorate would therefore prefer to obtain a long-term degree. Thus, B.Phamra widens the field of candidates in case they wish to enter universities.

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In addition, regarding the career option, applicants who have studied D.Phamra can work in pharmacy stores, prepare for B.Pharma, applicants can also apply for government jobs for pharmacist position . This person can also work in any pharmacy store or any drug manufacturing company regarding the requirement.

For the position of B.Pharma, one can do higher studies and do a Masters. You can also work for the manufacturing and quality control of drugs or be an analyst. Applicants can also apply for government jobs such as the National Botanical Institute and others. In addition, this person can also work as a food inspector. Applicants should check the B.Pharma program before registering for the course. Some of the best colleges that offer B.Prama and D.Pharma degrees are Birla Institute of Technology, Jamia Hamdard University, Institute of Chemical Technology, Jadavpur University and others. We hope that the information provided here has been useful for those who wish to learn more about pharmacy or who wish to develop a career in pharmacy.

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