Cork man confesses to intimidating Garda and trying to hijack the course of justice


A man from Youghal alleged that a member of the Garda drug unit in the town was filmed taking cocaine and planted drugs on him, but has now confessed to intimidating the warden and attempting to hijack the course of justice.

Joseph Lewis, 38, of 20 Chestnut Drive, Youghal, County Cork, was about to stand trial on the charge but changed his guilty plea at the last moment. He apologized to the officer he threatened and intimidated – Garda Jason Goggin.

Judge Helen Boyle handed Lewis a three-year sentence, suspended the last two years and backdated the sentence to February when Lewis was taken into custody at Cork Circuit Criminal Court.

Detective Sergeant Gerard O’Shaughnessy said the aggrieved party in the case, Garda Jason Goggin, was involved in the investigation of drug trafficking and related activities in the Youghal area as part of the Divisional Drug Unit.

In September 2020, Lewis had more than 8,000 tablets seized in Youghal. He also pleaded guilty on Thursday to putting the tablets on the market without a pharmacist’s license that would have been required because they contained the prescription-only Etizolam product.

Retail Sgt. O’Shaughnessy said Joseph Lewis approached Garda Goggin at Redbarn in Youghal on January 19 of this year.

He threatened and intimidated the police officer, claiming that he had a video of him taking cocaine. He said he would report this allegation to GSOC, the guard’s ombudsman, and post the allegation online. He also alleged that Garda Goggin put drugs in his pocket and that he was also going to report it.

Victim statement

Garda Goggin said in his victim impact statement that Lewis not only made these allegations to Redbarn in January and on several other occasions, but also went online with his allegations. “He posted a message on Facebook about me saying I was an addict,” Garda Goggin said.

Garda Goggin said the stress and anxiety this bullying caused him and his partner caused them to move out and he went to consult for months, not to mention having had to visit ten times to the High Court of Dublin in connection with the case.

Garda Goggin said the false allegations made against him by Lewis prevented him from leaving the house because he did not know what people in the community had heard. He said he has a very good relationship with the people of Youghal and will continue to perform his duties to the best of his ability.

A very serious offense

Judge Boyle described him as an excellent member of An Garda Síochána and that the false allegations made by Lewis against him had put him through a very difficult time in his life.

The judge described it as a very serious offense and a condition of the suspension of the last two years of the sentence was that he would have no contact, direct or indirect, with Garda Goggin or his partner and would not publish anything to his subject online. .

Joseph Lewis admitted to threatening, threatening, intimidating and frightening someone who was helping to investigate an offense.

Prosecution details indicated that on January 19, 2021 in Redbarn, Youghal, County Cork, he referred to a video in which Garda Jason Goggin allegedly took illegal substances, and being highly abusive of him and her. accusing him of illegally planting substances in his pocket, and saying that he would press charges against him with the intention of obstructing the investigation / course of justice.

Lewis also pleaded guilty to marketing a drug containing the unlicensed prescription-only Etizolam product.

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