DCGI says India is on its way to becoming a global drug hub | India News

NEW DELHI: Stating that India is on its way to becoming a ‘global drug hub’, Dr VG Somani, Comptroller General of Drugs of India (DCGI), said there has been a multiplication by four of the investigational new drug applications in the country. .
Speaking at the Indian Drug Manufacturers Association (IDMA) annual conclave, Somani said, “We get applications for new investigational drugs. “Currently, there are 23 applications in the pipeline for the investigational new drug and it’s a great achievement for our country.”
He said that ‘Made in India’ medicines will make a difference and hit the world in years to come.
The DCGI official also explained how drug reviewers work when making decisions about vaccines and drugs.
“We have been in regular contact with the WHO and all the regulators around the world through the ICMR, ICH platform, etc. There are different platforms for vaccine and drug approvals, including trials. This is what we did with remdesivir. There is no single platform for decisions to be made,” he added.
He further said that India has been recognized as a “Pharmacy of the World” and added “we want to become the well run pharmacy of the whole world so that our potential can be recognized”.

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