Deenova Launches New Product Line @ EAHP: A Glimpse into the Future of Pharmacy Automation

MILAN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Deenova today announced the unveiling of three innovative new additions to its award-winning D3 product line of mechatronic solutions, at the 26th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, in Vienna, Austria, from 23 to March 25, 2022, at Stand 30, Hall X2.

Gaspar G. De Viedma, Vice Chairman of Deenova’s Board of Directors, said: “I am very happy to personally attend this launch, after a few years of absence from EAHP for known personal reasons, then of Covid-19. I really look forward to reconnecting with European pharmacist thought leaders in Vienna and witnessing the progress and success that Deenova has achieved over the past 2 years.

AIDE-Cut is one of three new modular mechatronic solutions from Deenova for the repackaging of oral solid drugs in unit doses. It offers many possible configurations such as single or multi-reference options, typical or atypical blister format, bulk drugs or for the different models of collection of unit doses at the cash desk (in pass box, notebook, single-dose rolls, etc.).

AIDE-Pack is Deenova’s new solution for the repackaging of all forms of medication (Oral and non-Oral) in unit doses. Each unit dose is identified by a Datamatrix code, summarizing the main characteristics of the drug: unique serialization number, drug code, expiry date and batch.

AIDE-Pick is a Deenova D3 series solution developed to meet the needs of centralized therapy preparation in subacute and/or multi-site healthcare facilities. AIDE-Pick stores unit doses created by the unique ACCED, AIDE-Cut, AIDE-Pack or ALL-IN-1 mechatronic solutions.

Christophe Jaffuel, Commercial Director of Deenova, added: “These new additions to D3 of AIDE-Pick, AIDE-Cut, AIDE-Pack not only enhance long-established Deenova solutions like D3 ACCED and ASTUS, but also complement the flagship solutions from Deenova D1 All-In-1 Robot, D1 All-In-1 Station, D1 All-In-1 Trolley and Orbit in an exclusive, innovative and integrated approach to pharmacy automation.

Deenova is the undisputed leading provider of combined mechatronics (robotics and automation) solutions for closed-loop drug and RFID-based medical device traceability in healthcare anytime, anywhere. Deenova’s unique, patented and fully integrated solutions have and will go a long way in alleviating growing pressures from healthcare providers to: simultaneously improve patient safety, reduce therapeutic errors, minimize waste and diversion of controlled substances, contain costs and reduce the gap between increasing patient volume/acuity and shortage of medical personnel.

Deenova guarantees the simplification of all processes related to the management of drugs and implantable/disposable medical devices with an expected savings range between 15% and 25%.

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