Fire breaks out at pharmaceutical company near Hyderabad, two injured


Firefighters dispatched four fire engines to extinguish the blaze, the two injured were taken to hospital.

A fire broke out on Wednesday July 28 in a pharmaceutical company in the Jeedimetla industrial zone, a suburb of Hyderabad, leaving two injured. The fire started after an explosion at Nasense Lab Pvt Ltd. Early reports suggest it erupted due to a chemical reactor explosion.

The fire department dispatched four fire trucks, from surrounding areas, to the pharmaceutical company and took steps to quickly put out the blaze as it posed a risk to seven other chemical reactors at the scene. Sudhakar, an additional Ranaga Reddy district fire officer, said there were no other casualties and no fatalities as all other workers evacuated the premises. “The incident was reported after 10 am and we rushed to the scene with four firefighters. We managed to put out the fire. The cause of the fire will be determined after an investigation, ”the official said. The two injured were taken to hospital for treatment.

Earlier in July, a woman died and two other women were injured when a fire broke out at a furniture manufacturing unit called Art Fabrications. The fire broke out on the second floor of the laboratory where around sixty workers were working. The factory was found not to have a valid authorization for operation by the Factory Department. According to authorities, there was also no basic safety equipment in the facility.

In April, a plastic drum containing chemicals caught fire in Jeedimetla, causing an explosion and thick smoke. Firefighters extinguished the fire with two fire engines, no casualties were reported. In another case, reported the same month, a scrap metal chute in the Mailardevpally industrial area caught fire due to a short circuit. No casualties were reported.

Jeedimetla Industrial Zone is a hub for small and medium industries apart from large pharmaceutical companies and has many chemical storage areas.

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