Glenmark hires five KU Pharmacy graduates in job placement campaign

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kashmir and Career Planning and Counseling Center (CCPC) jointly organized an on-campus recruitment drive by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. for pharmacy graduates of the department.

Amit Jindal, Sales Manager and Gajender Koda, Regional Sales Manager, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals interviewed Pharmacy graduates for Regional Sales Manager positions at J&K.

Five candidates were selected by the company at the end of the selection process.

During his interaction with company representatives, Professor Mubashir Hussain Masoodi, Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at KU, emphasized the need for such placement of fainting on a regular basis. He pledged to invite more pharmaceutical companies in the future.

He said the department has always ensured 100% placement of his faints and will strive to maintain that record.

Professor Mubashir also convinced Glenmark representatives to explore more possibilities of recruiting former pharmacy students into the research and development as well as quality control divisions.

CCPC Director and Head of Department Placement, Prof. Geer Mohammad Ishaq expressed satisfaction that 57 Pharmacy graduates and graduates were recruited by IQVIA Pharma as Medicine Safety Associates through CCPC in 2021 and this year, the CCPC is in contact with a few other pharmaceutical companies. companies for on-campus recruitment of pharmacy graduates and KU graduates.

He said the post-Covid era offers good prospects for pharmacy graduates given the booming clinical research and pharmaceutical production sectors.

Dr. Mohammad Akbar coordinated the recruitment process.

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