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The IMTS institute is a distance education institute with over 150+ experienced guidance counselors who believe in ‘right to education. ‘ Over the past 16 years, the Institute has achieved greatness through hard work and dedication. Professionals ensure that students achieve their goals by obtaining a high quality education in their field of interest.

IMTS Institute Distance Education provides career guidance for distance learning courses or e-learning courses allowing students to pick up where they left off in their studies due to various circumstances. . The distance education and online courses they offer can reach students across geographic boundaries while allowing them to work and study simultaneously.

The IMTS Institute is founded on ethical, professional and transparent electronic governance, integrating students and professors in the construction of healthy, dynamic and sustainable societies. The IT’S distance education program was founded in 2005 as a stand-alone institute and also serves as an advisory and guidance center for several distance education universities.

At the start of 2005, we focused on counseling students as most of them were unsure of what to study after grade 12. IMTS offers courses after 12th grade in Science, Arts, Management, etc. Like IGNOU University, Delhi University Distance Education Support, Admission Support to Other Universities, ETC.

The basic principles of IMTS are that every student should get the correct information and support before being admitted to university, which will be the cornerstone of a bright future. In addition, the Institute’s vocational training advisers do everything they can to make this concept a reality.

Today, IMTS has a staff of 150 employees and 20 engaged teachers. Its students come from the 28 Indian states, the eight Union Territories and 40 nations, more than 70 percent of which come from neighboring states and countries. As a result,

98% Student success rate

If the students look at the past of the IMTS institute, it is clear that they have had an 85% success rate in the past five years.

Impact on Literacy Level in India

The Institute has helped more than 28,000 students achieve their workplace goals. They are employed in the best multinationals and can do the job they want thanks to the Institute’s skill-based teaching methods, the latest technology and innovative and attractive classrooms.

The aim of the Institute is to provide a reliable experience in online teaching and technology-based learning, as well as doubt-lifting sessions with instructors if necessary. Students can grasp the most relevant concepts regarding technological advancements within the industry. Due to high quality education and current information, advanced training has helped many IMTS students to secure important positions in major multinationals.

According to The News website ICNN News 2021, approximately two thousand five hundred students are expected to have completed their studies through the IMTS Institute. More … than 200 companies have hired employees who are part of their IMTS Institute talent pool. Plus, employers will pay a heavy price for highly skilled workers who excel at problem solving and critical thinking skills. These results attest to the quality of his IMTS training.

In the absence of guidelines, 57% of students did not apply for admission to any institution. Each year, IMTS is their target audience. Due to the power of the web format, IMTS can quickly help and direct students to the right admissions course based on their needs. If they transform 0.25% of students, over 7,000 students a year will be there. In turn, this will increase India’s literacy rates. India.

IMTS does not limit it in any way.

Students from the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Kuwait, USA and UK account for 40% of those needing help. Having received proper instructions, they are now operating in the highest degree of compliance.

IMTS is by no means a lonely company. Despite Corona’s turbulent times, the company came up with new methods to expand its network. The part-time and regular mode models were among the first models to be created, and yet they performed well providing impressive performance when used in the online mode.

Anyone under foreclosure or unable to leave their home can choose to study on the internet, and it’s just as effective as the other options.

Free support services

IMTS provides the full range of services offered by the University. We generally do not charge additional fees for services not included in the University tuition fees. IMTS Institute Review 28,000 student names are available on the website

We fully understand the confusion created in the minds of the students and try to dispel it with the help of our advisory team. We know the level of stress in the mind of the student after passing the qualifying exams. There are many cases where students do not know which course to choose; here we play an important role in helping students.

In the IMTS Institute, students pursuing courses in distance education or part-time mode find it difficult to connect directly with the University after admission and sometimes miss important announcements made by the University. Mr. Gupta makes a conscious effort in communicating with universities, collecting information and keeping students informed to avoid gaps. He makes sure that the students advised in his orientation center do not suffer from missing an announcement made by the University.

Best courses after 12th grade

The IMTS institute has been admitted to different universities under the guidance of their advisers. The Institute aims to increase this number from year to year because they firmly believe that education is the right of every individual.

Course after 12 yearse, Course after 12th ARTS, Course after 12th MANAGEMENT, Course after 12th TRADE, Course after 12th SCIENCE, Course after 12th DESIGN, Course after 12th PARAMEDICAL, Course after 12th ENGINEERING, Interior design course after 12th, Optometry course after 12th, Pharmacy course after 12th grade , Event management course after 12th grade, Diploma courses after the 12th grade, Diploma courses after the 10th

Usually, the duration of undergraduate courses after class 12 is 3 or 4 years. But the duration of the integrated course is 5 years.

Students may take any of the following undergraduate courses for students who have passed 12th grade in Commerce, Arts, PCM, or PCB depending on their interest and eligibility.

Engineering and Basic Science courses are popular courses after Grade 12 for students studying physics, chemistry, and mathematics. But other than them, PCM students can take most business and art courses. Here are some major courses after PCM 12 that can be taken for burgeoning opportunities:

Here in IMTS, students can opt for regular mode, distance learning, and part-time mode depending on their needs. IMTS supported and guided approx. 26,000 students to date and has helped them enroll in the university of their choice in the final year of 2020.

The IMTS Institute is launching a call for applications for the UG and PG 2021-22 courses

IMTS Institute invites applications for 2021 for UG and PG courses, like online BBA programs, Online MBA, BCA, MCA in online and distance learning mode for 2-3 years in different BBA courses, BCA, MBA, MCA.

IMTS Free Career Advice

Admission to Alagappa University
Admission to Allahabad State University
Admission to Andhra University
Admission to Anna University

Admission to Karnataka State Open University
Admission to the University of Karnataka
Admission to Kolhan University
Admission to Kumaun University
Admission to Kurukshetra University
Admission to Kuvempu University

Online MBA courses are convenient for graduates who want to work right after graduation or who are already working. The eligibility criteria for an online MBA are relatively flexible compared to a full-time MBA: degree from a recognized university and a year or two of professional experience (in the case of online executive MBA programs) . Some universities do not take into account the results of national level MBA entrance exams for online MBA admission.


The IMTS Institute has 99% favorable ratings and a 4.8-star rating on Google. This is an excellent mark. While we can’t claim to be the best, we do try to ensure that every student has a positive experience. We have a 99% satisfaction rate for students with 28,000 which is a great score. In addition, students can get the full data of 28,000 students from the institute’s website.

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