Leading Pharmaceutical Company Brings Products to Market Faster Using MLOps and Datatron’s AI Governance Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, December 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Datatron today announced that a leading pharmaceutical company has selected its MLOps framework, enabling increased productivity and the ability to create the best AI for the organization.

The pharmaceutical company needed a solution that could help it by addressing the following challenges and developments:

  • Proliferation of AI models– The company was building more AI models for multiple use cases. They needed a robust and actionable model catalog that could automatically track different model properties including metadata, model types, model versions, tags, custom settings, environment variables, etc. The company discovered that with Datatron, business leaders, engineering and data science teams have visibility into models built and can easily find and search models based on those criteria.
  • Secure access and technological integration— Safety is the key to pharmaceutical development. Datatron’s MLOps platform enables model access control to ensure that only designated teams and individuals can access each model. The Datatron platform can easily integrate with existing business and technology infrastructure and is future-proof to support new infrastructure and application resources.
  • Stay at the forefront of the evolution of technology – As MLOps technology is continually evolving, it can be difficult to keep pace. With Datatron, the pharmaceutical company does not need to rely on an open source MLOps framework to keep abreast of the latest innovations.
  • Ethics and responsibility: Datatron will serve as a partner to develop a framework for the ethical and responsible use of AI in relation to the discovery of drugs and other products. Datatron’s model catalog, bias / drift / performance measurements and other capabilities will guide this framework.

AI and ML present significant opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry and many others, but traditionally building an MLOps team from the ground up has been prohibitively expensive for many organizations – and the models did not deliver the expected commercial benefits. Datatron’s enterprise AI platform streamlines MLOps and governance workflows, and helps organizations operationalize their models to realize ROI on their investments.

Harish Doddi, CEO of Datatron, said: “For the pharmaceutical industry, getting new drugs and products to market quickly and safely is critical. AI and machine learning technologies can play a key role in helping businesses achieve these goals. At Datatron, we strive to use technology to make the world a better place to live and we are committed to helping our pharmaceutical customers better manage and use their AI / ML models responsibly and ethically to deliver treatments. vital to more patients. ”

About Datatron
Datatron provides a reliable, cloud-native, enterprise-grade AI platform that enables organizations to easily, accurately, and quickly operationalize AI and ML models in production. Its centralized AI ModelOps and Model Governance platform helps organizations in various global environments streamline and normalize changes, monitor model performance, and correct model degradation or degradation. Industry leaders like Domino’s Pizza and Comcast rely on Datatron to operationalize and govern AI solutions at scale, producing predictable, fast and reliable business results. Founded in 2016, Datatron is a private venture capital company headquartered in San Francisco, California For more information, please visit www.datatron.com or follow on Twitter @datatron.

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