Lexington One Educational Foundation Receives Nephron Grant for Pharmacology Course

Lexington, SC 04/20/2022 – The Lexington One Educational Foundation applauds the continued generosity of Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation and CEO Lou Kennedy. A leader in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as a Lexington District 1 alumnus, Kennedy recently donated $5,400 to the Education Foundation to support Lexington District 1 students enrolled in the course. pharmacology this school year.

A course fee of $300 is required from each student who enrolls in the pharmacology course, which is usually a significant expense for high school students who want to take the course. Thanks to the continued generosity of Nephron Pharmaceutical, the cost of the class is no longer a prohibitive factor when students are making course decisions before their senior year.

The Pharmacology course is for seniors only and it can be an amazing chance for Lexington District 1 students to learn more about the field of pharmacy as a potential career choice in the future. The course also prepares students to become a pharmacy technician upon successful completion of the course and a passing score on the pharmacy technician certification exam, which is offered in June each year.

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The district is currently teaching pharmacology to seniors at Lexington Technology Center and Pelion High School this second semester of the 2021-22 school year. Nephron’s donation covered the $300 course fee for all students enrolled in the Lexington District 1 Pharmacology course.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Lexington One again,” said Kennedy. “These students deserve to be equipped with the best educational resources available because they represent the future workforce of South Carolina – and our company.”

This is the fifth year that Nephron Pharmaceuticals has supported this program with the goal of opening the class to all Lexington District 1 students regardless of cost. In recent years, the company has also donated a laminar flow cabinet, filling equipment, syringes, vials, and protective suits that students can use while learning about the pharmaceutical industry. Nephron staff have also visited the classroom for the past few years, offered facility tours to students, and shared industry knowledge with pharmacology students at Lexington District One.

The Foundation’s Executive Director, Julie Anderson Washburn, said on behalf of the Foundation, “We continue to be grateful for Lou Kennedy’s philanthropic leadership and for kind business partners like Nephron Pharmaceuticals. Such investments in our students in Lexington District One are essential to enabling students from all walks of life to enroll in important career-oriented courses, such as the pharmacology course.

CAPTION OF PHOTOS: Julie Anderson Washburn, Executive Director of the Lexington One Educational Foundation, Lou Kennedy, CEO and Owner of Nephron Pharmaceuticals, and Chris Rice, Chairman of the Board of the Lexington One Educational Foundation.

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