Mumbai Pharmaceutical Company Executive Loses Rs 2.5Lah In Online Fraud | Bombay News

Police said the complainant witnessed 10 fund transfer entries from his account as the appellant kept him engaged in talks. (Representative image)

MUMBAI: A Bandra resident, employed as an executive in a pharmaceutical company, was duped for Rs 2.5 lakh on Wednesday when he called a phone number after receiving an SMS warning him that his father’s mobile SIM card aged was going to be disabled.
Bandra Police said the 58-year-old complainant witnessed 10 fraudulent fund transfers from his account, but the scammer managed to keep him engaged in the talks and convinced him the money will be canceled because it was debited from his account due to a technical problem.
When the complainant first noticed and asked the operator that 25,000 rupees had been debited from his account, the fraudster calmly told him not to worry and that the money would be credited to his account in a certain time.
“The fraudulent transactions were completed within 30 minutes as the fraudster kept the complainant engaged on the phone. We requested details from the bank to track the account,” said a police officer.
The incident happened on December 8 between 6:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
“I called the number back and the caller said he could help me update the client’s documents through the online process. I don’t know what happened while speaking, j revealed my bank details to the caller. Immediately I received the first SMS of Rs 25,000 was debited from my account. When I asked the question, the caller convinced me that the money but the following nine messages were sent when the caller kept me in discussion, ”the complainant told TOI.
A case under the IPC and IT sections for cheating has been registered against an unknown person.


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