NJ inventors awarded $ 2.75 million in lawsuit against pharmaceutical company they claim cheated them

An ophthalmologist and scientist in New Jersey have won a $ 2.75 million judgment against a pharmaceutical company that they say embezzled them from profits from the eye drops they invented in a federal lawsuit.

Dr Jeffrey Liegner, of Eye Care Northwest in Sparta, and J. Scott Karolchyk, a scientist from Lake Hopatcong who operates Novel Drug Solutions, have sued Harrow Health of Delaware, alleging breach of contract.

Harrow Health agreed in 2013 to market eye drugs that Liegner and Karolchyk created to help eye surgery patients, especially those with cataracts, according to the complaint filed on October 15, 2019 in US District Court. of Delaware.

The deal stipulated that Harrow had to meet several criteria – including obtaining patents – otherwise the deal would be void and ownership of the product would revert to the doctor and scientist, according to court documents.

The lawsuit says Harrow used the invention to produce the “DropLess” and “LessDrops” product lines, which were more or less the same eye medicine derived from the plaintiffs’ invention.

Despite the profits, Harrow never paid royalties to New Jersey inventors and also failed to secure certain patents, according to the lawsuit.

On November 5, a federal jury found that Harrow had violated their agreement with Liegner and Karolchyk and awarded their companies a judgment of $ 2.75 million, court records show.

In a Nov. 9 statement to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Harrow said he did not expect the lawsuit or settlement “to have a future material impact on revenues, cash flow. , the financial condition and the results of operations of the company ”.

“The resolution of the case you referenced is confidential,” a spokesperson for Harrow said in an email to NJ Advance Media. “Other than as stated in our (communication) with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, we have no further comments.”

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