Online pharmacy offers value and medical expertise

Just a phone call away – the friendly customer service team are always here to help

Giving value for money, being a friendly voice on the phone, and dispensing sound advice as well as medication has helped this business grow and grow, creating a loyal customer base that extends beyond its base in Preston. But her local customers and her community are at the heart of everything she does.

During the pandemic it has served more than a million customers and is currently helping to keep people safe with lateral flow tests on sale for £1.99 – up from £5.99 at some major high street pharmacies. And right now, it’s offering customers a 10% discount on their orders, quoting LEP.

AYP Healthcare works like any regular pharmacy, except instead of going to a store, you can order what you need with the click of a computer keyboard or over the phone by speaking to one of the teams. of customer service.

Inside the warehouse of this Preston-based online pharmacy

As Umar Nakhuda, Business Development Manager, explains, “We have a customer service team that handles all inquiries. Sometimes a pharmacist will also answer questions and emails and handle any questions or issues that require their input.

“People tend to know what they want when they come to see us, but if they don’t, we can talk to them and advise them. And, if people are on medication for a certain amount of time, we know how long they need to take those medications for, and so we make sure they don’t go over the prescribed limit or time.

The business was started by Zaakir Badat, a boy from Deepdale, who started his career in telesales for a local pharmacy. He started his own business in 2017 after moving to London.

The business was started by Zaakir Badat, a boy from Deepdale, who started his career in telesales for a local pharmacy.

Zaakir said: “At the time, the pharmacy was focused on supplying NHS prescription drugs to care homes in the London area. I quickly realized that moving to the internet is something we should be focusing on.

And in February 2018 he started selling online on sites like Amazon and eBay and 18 months later moved online operations to Preston. AYP Healthcare now has large modern premises in Lancaster Road and has recently invested in a robotic system to pick and pack orders from the warehouse, which is expected to be operational this summer.

The pandemic accelerated the company’s growth, and Zaakir launched the website even ahead of schedule, to help customers who needed access to medicine but were protecting themselves.

Work for the community

From a small company to serving over one million customers during the pandemic, AYP Healthcare has gone from strength to strength over the past five years.

They have served over a million customers throughout the Covid pandemic and have also provided free hand sanitiser, bottled water and oximeters to community groups and charities around Preston.

The company seized the opportunity to grow, but not to profit from the pandemic, as Umar explains.

“Everyone raised their prices, but we wanted to stay competitive. Yes, prices have increased as costs have increased for us, but not by a ridiculous amount,” he says. With stocks of NHS lateral flow tests dwindling, some pharmacists were charging £5.99 per pack, but AYP kept prices at £1.99.

“We are here for the people. We get a lot of customers who find it difficult to cope with ordering online, so the customer service team is always there to help them,” he said.

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To find out more visit the website or contact them online here or call the customer services team on 0800 0487211. Lines are open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 12pm-4pm weekends.

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