Pharmacy course program changes after 30 years | Pune News

Pune: The pharmacy degree program was recently changed for the new class of freshmen in 2021-2022, after a 30-year hiatus, said VN Jagtap, director of the Institute of Pharmacy at MCE.
The directorate of technical education recently declared the new teaching and examination program, the “J program” for the new program, which includes details of how teachers should teach various subjects to students, the design exam structure, credits for each course, among others. With a greater emphasis on healthcare and related fields due to Covid-19, educators in the field have welcomed the much-needed change in the curriculum, which will focus on practical work, documentation, modern techniques. , among others.
Ramdas Zol, president of the Association of the Management of Unaided Institutes in Rural Areas, said admissions to both graduate and pharmacy courses are on the rise and the field will remain in demand for the next two years as a result. because of the world’s attention to health care. “Therefore, we need the curriculum to be revised every four or five years as technology changes every year and we need our students to master the most modern techniques so that they can get a job after they finish their. Classes. As for graduate students, most of them work in medical stores, and the new curriculum change has a lot of software and documentation content which is helpful. The old program didn’t have that, ”Zol said.
Atmaram Pawar, director of the Poona College of Pharmacy, said the new program was more focused on patient care. “We don’t go to a doctor for everything, but we buy drugs from the local pharmacy. However, the job of a pharmacist is not just that of a retailer. The pharmacist should ask relevant questions to ensure that the drugs prescribed or administered are not harmful to the patient and also explain the side effects. For example, many antacids that we mindlessly drink should not be taken for hypertension or high sodium levels. The pharmacist must first find out about the person’s medical history. The new program places importance on patient care, ”said Pawar.

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