Professional development course for medical and non-medical staff in the prison system of the Republic of Moldova


A fourteen-week professional development course for medical and non-medical staff in the prison system of the Republic of Moldova started on July 19 and ended on October 27, 2021, when, as a result of the course, a number of a total of 121 of the accreditations were issued to medical and non-medical professionals in the prison system.

Over three consecutive courses (cumulative duration of 90 academic hours), multidisciplinary teams – doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers improved their knowledge and skills on topics such as emergency management in hospitals. public health care, quality management in medical facilities and health promotion, communication and counseling in health care.

The added value of the course is that it was delivered by an accredited educational institution to provide continuing education on the basis of a program agreed with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Spots as well as with the Ministry of Health. Therefore, the academic credits awarded on the basis of the courses comply with national regulations. This factor constitutes a step forward towards aligning the supply of health services in prisons with the requirements of public health services as well as with the Council of Europe recommendations in this area.

It should also be mentioned that the content of professional development courses has been adapted to better respond to the particularities of the provision of health care in prisons. At the same time, the courses included compulsory subjects, aligned with the provisions of certain strategic documents, developed with the support of the Council of Europe, such as the draft mental health strategy for the prison administration system of the Republic. of Moldova for 2021-2023, which is a good indicator of the synergy built between the different activities.

The training sessions were attended by medical and non-medical staff from the country’s 16 penitentiaries as well as the prison hospital, and were delivered by academia from the School of Public Health Management under the guidance of ” N. TestemiÈ›anu ”State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Moldova.

The activity is organized under the auspices of the Program “Strengthening prison and probation reforms, provision of health care and treatment of patients in closed institutions in the Republic of Moldova», Funded by the Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova (2021-2024).

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