QOL Medical, LLC selects Optum Frontier Therapies as its exclusive pharmaceutical partner to better support patients with congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID) on Sucraid® (sacrosidase) oral solution

“At QOL Medical, we are passionate about improving the lives of patients with rare diseases. The needs of our patients and healthcare providers are unique.” mentioned Weng Tao, MD, COO of QOL Medical, LLC. “Migrating to Optum Frontier Therapies means better care for our patients, and increased attention and support for our healthcare providers.”

Optum Frontier Therapies, a specialty pharmacy and dispensing company dedicated to people with rare diseases, partners with healthcare stakeholders to provide customizable pharmacy and patient services, dispense and dispense specialty medicines and use communication and data analytics to advance therapeutic outcomes and experiences.

“People living with a rare disease often have long and complex journeys, and simplifying their access to expert care and support is essential,” said Natasha Mayfield, vice president and general manager, Optum Frontier Therapies. “As a clinical partner, we are honored to have been chosen by QOL Medical to provide this important therapy to patients living with CSID.”

People with CSID, commonly known as sucrose (sugar) intolerance, are unable to properly digest sucrose (table sugar), which is found in foods like ice cream, apples, cakes, and corn. In adolescents and adults, CSID has been characterized by symptoms of chronic abdominal pain, gas, bloating, and diarrhea, which overlap with common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In infants, CSID typically presents as explosive watery diarrhea, growth retardation, diaper rash, irritability, and acidic stools.

Important Safety Information


Sucraid® (sacrosidase) Oral Solution is an enzyme replacement therapy for the treatment of genetically determined sucrase deficiency, which is part of congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID).


  • Sucraid® can cause a serious allergic reaction. If you notice swelling or have difficulty breathing, get emergency help right away.
  • Sucraid® does not break down certain sugars resulting from the digestion of starch. You may need to limit the amount of starch in your diet. Your doctor will tell you if you should limit the starch in your diet.
  • Tell your doctor if you are allergic to, have ever had a reaction to, or have had difficulty taking yeast, yeast products, papain, or glycerin (glycerol).
  • Tell your doctor if you have diabetes, as your blood sugar levels may change if you start taking Sucraid®. Your doctor will tell you if your diet or diabetes medications need to be changed.
  • Some patients treated with Sucraid® may have more severe abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea or diarrhea. Constipation, sleep disturbances, headaches, nervousness and dehydration have also occurred. Consult your doctor if you notice these or other side effects.
  • Sucraid® has not been tested to see if it works in patients with secondary (acquired) sucrase deficiency.
  • NEVER HEAT SUCRAID® OR PUT IT IN HOT OR HOT DRINKS OR INFANT FORMULA. Do not mix Sucraid® with fruit juice or take it with fruit juice. Take Sucraid® as prescribed by your doctor. Normally, half of the dose of Sucraid® is taken before a meal or snack and the other half is taken during the meal or snack.
  • Sucraid® should be refrigerated at 36°F-46°F (2°C-8°C) and should be protected from heat and light.

We encourage you to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit FDA.gov/medwatch or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Click here to read our full prescribing information Sucraid® PI.

About QOL Medical, LLC

QOL Medical is a specialty biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving clinical outcomes and overall quality of life for patients with rare diseases. QOL Medical is a patient-centric company founded in 2003 to focus on the acquisition and commercialization of orphan and gastrointestinal products in underserved markets. Learn more at www.qolmed.com.

Sucriad® is a registered trademark of QOL Medical, LLC. All rights reserved.

About Optum Frontier Therapies

Optum® Frontier Therapies is a specialty pharmacy dedicated to patients living with rare diseases. Their patient-focused pharmacy model is designed to simplify the patient experience by providing one-on-one expert guidance for their pharmacy needs. They have two distinct centers of expertise to adapt to the needs of a specific disease state or therapy: the Optum Frontier Therapies center for rare diseases and the Optum Frontier Therapies center for gene therapy. To learn more, visit frontiertherapies.optum.com.

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