Setback for Kerala; center issues order for establishment of bulk pharmacy factories in Gujarat, bulk pharmacy factories in Gujarat, kerala news, latest news

Kannur: The central government has given approval to establish 115 bulk pharmacy factories in Gujarat for the manufacture of chemical compounds and ingredients used in medicines. It is estimated that the factories could attract an investment of around Rs 2000 crore. However, the decision is a wake-up call for Kerala, India’s biggest pharmaceutical market. As of 2022, Kerala has no such factories operational in the state.

Previously, Indian companies purchased ingredients for the manufacture of drugs from China. Due to Covid-19, the supply chain has been disrupted and import has decreased significantly. This scenario led to the prospect of establishing factories in India.

It is alleged that the government of Kerala is turning its back on the pharmaceutical sector despite having a favorable climate, infrastructure and skilled workforce. It is estimated that drugs worth Rs 10,000 crore are sold in Kerala every year. Even existing pharmaceutical units, including government-owned ones, are struggling to survive.

Apart from Gujarat, the states of West Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have made huge strides in the market by investing heavily in the pharmacy sector post Covid-19. At present, there are a total of 3415 pharmaceutical manufacturing centers in Gujarat. In two years, the Department of Pharmaceuticals approved 288 new pharmaceutical manufacturing units.

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