Swiss pharmaceutical company Acino plays a leading role in the fight against cardiovascular disease

Recently, the company took advantage of the lure of Expo Dubai 2020 to host a CVD Summit at the Swiss Pavilion. In an effort to raise awareness of the prevalence of the disease, its risk factors and the modern methods used in its treatment, Acino has brought together a range of leading cardiologists, including Dr. Jean-Luc Eiselé, CEO of the World Heart Federation, and Prof. Dr. Abdulla Shehab. , consultant in interventional cardiology at the Burjeel Royal Hospital and editor of the Emirates Medical Journal.

This year, Acino also launched a series of digital events across the UAE focused on cardiovascular disease, bringing together experts such as Dr. Hani Sabbour, Consultant Cardiologist at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and Cardiology at Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine, and Dr Wael Al Mahmeed, Consultant Cardiologist on the Board of the Emirates Cardiology Society. Some 1,000 health professionals participated in the sessions.

“In all of the markets in which we operate, we are focused on delivering affordable healthcare that matches the needs of patients in each market,” Bird said. “In the META region, one of the biggest battles for healthcare professionals is around cardiovascular disease and related disorders, so that’s where we’re focusing our efforts.”

Acino has opened its Dubai office to facilitate its regional expansion through META. In July 2021, the company signed a license agreement with Pharmax Pharmaceuticals of Dubai to manufacture and distribute certain Acino products in the region which are now available for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

“Our goal is to provide quality medical products for the improvement of care, based on the needs of local markets,” added Bird. “We align with the vision of the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention to improve access to medicines and strengthen the country’s position as a pharmaceutical hub.”

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