The ACC cardio-oncology course aims to help the clinic

The American College of Cardiology will host the annual meeting Advancing cardiovascular patient care in oncology virtual course with live sessions on February 11 and 12, 2022, as well as on-demand content. The course is intended for members of the entire interprofessional team, including cardiologists, oncologists, internists, pharmacists and nurses who provide health care to the growing population of cancer patients and survivors with problems cardiovascular. Experts from across the multidisciplinary care team will learn how to improve awareness, identification, monitoring and management of cardiovascular diseases and conditions, as well as how to minimize cardiotoxicity of cancer treatments to help clinicians improve overall survival and quality of life in oncology patients.

Course co-directors Ana Barac, MD, PhD, FACC, and Bonnie Ky, MD, MSCE, FACC, worked with respected experts in the field to create a course that will help the entire interprofessional team, at all levels of their career, understand the different types of cancer therapies and how to mitigate associated cardiovascular complications. The course will feature the latest research, best practices and case discussions of evidence-based treatment strategies with practical advice to comprehensively care for cancer patients and survivors.

Sessions include:

  • Building Bridges in Cardio-Oncology – How to Improve Outcomes in Cancer Patients and Survivors
  • Immunotherapy and cardiovascular risk: what do we know and where should the field go?
  • Cardioprotection: what do clinical trials tell us?
  • The growing intersection between CV disease and cancer: from biology to epidemiology
  • Health care disparities – How can we achieve health equity?


The following abstracts are a selection of posters presented. All ACC posters and abstracts to advance cardiovascular care for oncology patients are embargoed until Friday, February 11 at 7 a.m. ET.

  • Evaluation of cardiovascular disease risk factor control in patients with triple negative breast cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease in patients with thymus cancer
  • Coronary artery calcium load as a risk factor for adverse cardiovascular events in patients with lung cancer receiving radiation therapy
  • Effectiveness of Virtual Zoom Cardio-Oncology Clinics on Long-Term Patient Safety and Positive Satisfaction in a Tertiary Care Center During COVID Pandemics

If members of the media would like to receive embargoed copies of these summaries or to register for media access to the conference, contact ACC Associate Director for Media Relations Katie Glenn at [email protected]

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