The Fiji Times » Dream come true – Teenage girl confirms she received her MBBS course offer letter

Ria Dipashna Devi’s dream of becoming a doctor would now be a reality. Ms. Devi, who achieved the highest marks in the country in the 13th grade exam, will continue the MBBS course after initially opting for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm).

The government announced on Thursday evening that as part of the revised national budget 2021-2022, 20 MBBS and five Bachelor of Dental Surgery awards would be awarded to incoming students who completed Year 13 with a grade of 340 in 2021 under of the National Toppers Scheme.

“I am really happy and delighted with this news because I will now be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor,” said the 18-year-old.

Ms Devi confirmed to this newspaper that she had received her MBBS course offer letter from Fiji National University – Pasifika Campus.

“I successfully changed my BPharm course to MBBS course and I thank the government for stepping in at the right time.

“Every pure science student’s first dream is to pursue MBBS and I look forward to the new journey ahead of me.”

Her father, Vinesh Mistry, said the government allowed not only his daughter but also 19 other deserving students to enroll in the MBBS course.

“My whole family is over the moon with this news,” he said.

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