This Pharmacy Can Customize Medicines For All Ages – Manila Bulletin

He can even create and adjust according to customer preferences

“Filipinos have become more mindful of their health and safety than ever before,” says Richard Lista, chief executive of Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy (AIP). “At AIP, we want to offer a wider range of solutions to help every Filipino achieve health and wellness, especially during these difficult times. Our many years of experience in the field of compounding pharmacy has enabled us to develop and customize medicines and healthcare products that are not only world-class standards, but also and more importantly meet the health and medicine needs of Filipinos.

Established in 2013 with a license obtained from the Philippine Food and Drug Association (FDA) in 2014, AIP pioneers and continues to work with internationally trained licensed compound medicine pharmacists and professional compounding centers in America ( PCCA) and Medisca Australia. United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade active ingredients are also used to manufacture each compound drug, ensuring customers receive high quality products.

The science behind this compound medication is to create and adjust personalized medications for each client, from infants to seniors. They can even add flavorings and create different medicinal mediums such as lozenges, candies, gels, creams, capsules, and even liquids, depending on the user’s preference.

Taking it to the next level, AIP has added its product portfolio to include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, weight loss management, intravenous nutrition, thyroid medications, erectile dysfunction, pain management , hair loss and dermatological preparation. Pediatric formulas and nutraceuticals are also priorities in terms of boosting immunity, especially during the pandemic.

Since the latest moves, it now has its website and e-commerce platform available and accessible. Real-time updates also help track orders, so customers know when their orders will arrive.

“At Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy, we are confident that the country’s pharmaceutical market will remain strong and that mainstream medicine will gain traction as more and more Filipinos seek a healthier lifestyle. We will continue to develop high-quality medicines and health solutions tailored to patient needs to help improve health and patient care in the Philippines,” Lista concludes.



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