Walmart to hire 5,000 pharmacy technicians and raise salaries

Walmart announced initiatives to celebrate the company’s pharmacy technicians, including pay raises and hiring more technicians this year.

Calling pharmacy technicians “heroes,” Walmart announced that the company is raising salaries for its more than 36,000 Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacy technicians and plans to hire about 5,000 more technicians this year.

“Our Walmart and Sam’s Club Pharmacy Technicians have proven time and again how much they mean to the communities they serve. They were front and center during the pandemic as we tested millions of customers and members, and many went above and beyond to help administer vaccines across the country,” wrote Kevin Host, senior vice president of Walmart. Health & Wellness, Pharmacy and Sean Jackson, Sam’s Club GMM Senior Vice President, Health & Wellness/Consumables, in an article on

“These associates provided moments of heartfelt care in extraordinary circumstances, and they did so with a smile and the calm, professional attention that builds trust and keeps patients coming back,” Host and Jackson continued. “Simply put, our pharmacy technicians are heroes in their communities. They also play an essential day-to-day role in the continued growth of our Health and Wellbeing business.

For the second time in the past year, Walmart is making “significant investments in higher salaries and career progression for our pharmacy technicians, with the goal of creating additional growth paths and opportunities for them,” Host and Jackson said.

Effective the week of June 13, Walmart and Sam’s Club are raising the average hourly wage for pharmacy technicians to more than $20 an hour, following a wage increase last August.

“It’s by design. We send a strong signal to pharmacy technicians everywhere that Walmart is committed to attracting top talent and giving them the tools they need to build successful careers,” Host and Jackson said.

The 2 retail chains will also give technicians more frequent automatic pay raises, “as we introduce a new progressive pay model designed to set us apart from the competition,” Host and Jackson said.

For example, new Pharmacy Technicians will receive raises that can add up to $4 to their starting base salary over a 4-year period. Additionally, Technicians will receive raises every 6 months during their first 2 years with the company.

“We believe we are among the first major retailers to incorporate this type of model, an approach commonly seen in healthcare systems. This will help associates increase their pay faster as they build their careers and continue to work at Walmart,” Host and Jackson said.

Sam’s Club and Walmart also plan to hire an additional 5,000 technicians this year, “to support our vision to provide best-in-class healthcare,” Host and Jackson wrote. “Our business is growing and we will continue to invest in our entire Health and Wellness team to help drive that growth.”

In addition to the raises, retailers will pay for eligible associates to become certified pharmacy technicians through benefits like Live Better U and related programs.

“Walmart Certified Technicians can earn $3 more per hour than their uncertified peers, which means earning certification can make a big difference for associates and their families,” Host and Jackson wrote. “To remove any barriers, Walmart is covering the costs of earning Pharmacy Technician Certification – from career credentials, on-the-job training, and test preparation, to paying the pharmacy technician exam fee. certificate.”


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